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Tours for Kids in Florence

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 Kids style Cupola
                                                of the Duomo in Florence

Florence is a great city for kids in general, there is so much for them to do and learn being full of interesting things to stimulate young minds.

Kids in Piazza
                Signoria in Florence
Unfortunately most tours have been conceived only with adults in mind and so young children tend to get little out of them,  not being able to relate to what they see and hear.

For this reason Florence Guides has specially designed a series of tours to meet the specific needs of young children.  Furthermore the tours are only conducted by guides who are experienced in and passionate about helping young children discover the fascination of Florence.

Fortunately for accompanying adults, they will find the tours interesting too since they cover all the places and monuments of our usual tours but with a special emphasis on aspects of interest for our younger guests.

Kids eating
                  ice cream in FlorenceSo, if you have a young child or children whom you would like to introduce to Florence, book one of our Kids Tours now or get in touch to ask for further details!

Currently available tours:

  • Renaissance Florence for Kids

  • Mediaeval Florence for kids

  • A walk through the Uffizi Gallery: browsing the most fascinating history of art book "the Uffizi Gallery" for kids


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