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                    at night - ph. Djordje Jokic
The Florence Guides Evening Walk
The perfect way to stir your appetite

This enjoyable walk will gently accompany you from the late afternoon to the evening or, if you are having an early dinner, from after dinner until later in the night.

Join this twilight tour to hear of murders and weddings, vanities and poisonings, secret passages and exposed affairs.

It can be done before or after dinner.

Duration of the tour: 2 hours  (approx. From 6-8 pm or from 9-11pm)
Cost of this tour: from Euro 150.00 (depending on the number of participants)

As during summer time both the Uffizi and Academy Galleries may stay open after dinner you can also decide to take a private guided tour to these museums as an 'Evening Tour'.
Please ask for more details.

Botticelli's Birth of Venus

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The Uffizi Courtyard

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